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North Star Fireback

Fireback Backsplash

A Fireback's natural protective, reflective and decorative features are just at home behind a kitchen range, as they are as the focal point of the home's hearth.

A fireback can be drilled and strapping attached to the back of the fireback and mounted on studs. The corners of a Fireback can be drilled and bolted to studs or anchors on the wall. Hooks or backers can be mounted on the wall to hold a Fireback in place. A Fireback can also be leaned against the wall with a spacer behind it on the bottom to insure proper balance is maintained.

It is suggested that a Fireback used as a back splash be given a coat of High Temperature stove paint or a Rust-oleum like metal paint depending on conditions.

Spring Fireback

Spring Fireback

Fleur Fireback