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Award Plate

Historic Reproductions

Creating master patterns directly from firebacks in the Winterthur Museum and other historic collections, a Pennsylvania Fireback Reproduction is a finally detailed copy of the original’s textures and sculptural elements. The Winterthur collection received the museum’s Award for Technical Excellence when it premiered in 1993.

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Joseph Webb StagFireback Stag Fireback
Joseph Webb Stag
26" W x 28" H
Small Great Oak Eagle and Shield Fireback
Eagle and Shield
17" W x 24.75" H
Small American Eagle Hereford Stove Plate
Hereford Stove Plate
23.75 W x 23" H
Catoctin Fireback Catoctin
22.625" W x 21.75" H
Parthenon Aetna Fireback
Aetna Rooster
22" W x 26" H
Night Horse Pine Grove Fireback
Pine Grove
21" W x 25.75" H
The Bass Floral Panel Side
Floral Panels Fireback
14.625" W x 29.5" H (this photo not in scale)
The Bass Floral Surround
Floral Panels Fireback
29.5" H (this photo not in scale)
The Bass
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The Bass Floral Panels Fireback
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